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EUDRES awareness campaign about what an I Living Lab is

The advertisements included in this portfolio are part of an advertising campaign carried out in the Advertising Creativity discipline of the Marketing degree.

Print Ad/Flyer

By using a new and juvenile creative concept, this advertisement increases the I Living Lab notoriety. It respects the communication criteria by inform the target audience about the features, benefits and purpose of this programme - the informative text.


The creative concept associated to car race´s conveys a youthful image, specifically targeting the defined target - the EUDRES alliance university students. By using the slogan “I Living Lab takes you further”, the campaign targets those who like to overcome challenges and open horizons, destroying international barriers, as defined previously.



By using a consistent image of the I Living Lab and EUDRES, as indicated Strategic Orientation in the PTC, the campaign is based on the original graphic identity of the brand, although with a new creative concept. This allows the target audience to easily recognise and identify the I Living Lab program and EUDRES itself.


Instagram Stories

EUDRES positioning is based on the benefits that its service offer and on the impact it has on the research areas involved. This can be seen on the Instagram stories developed for the campaign through the slogan (”The best experience starts here”), the creative concept that you can go further with the programme (benefit) and the traffic light that’s designed with the images of the 3 research areas involved.


Instagram Posst Ad 1

The fulfillment of the adopted promise can be highlighted with the first developed Instagram ad. The promise was supposed to refer to an attribute of the I Living Lab program in order to increase its notoriety, using the previously mentioned slogan - "The best experience starts here" - this campaign respects the reference to a defined attribute (the unique experience offered by the I Living Lab).


Instagram Post Ad 2

This campaign suit the advertising objectives settled (educate and inform the target audience about the purpose, benefits, and unique features of the "I Living Lab" program, and to reinforce/increase its notoriety), by showing the benefits thats this programme gives you through an anology of a car race, where you go further by participating on it (the image of the car and traffic light) and what research areas are involved (Human contribution to AI, Wellbeing & Active Going and Circular Economy).

Instagram Video

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